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Creative Sparks ([personal profile] creativesparks5) wrote2014-12-03 08:54 pm

Post NaNo Brain Cramp

Yes, it's real. I get this feeling after dumping everything I have into one project for 30 solid days straight makes my brain feel like mush and the rest of me not want to do anything for a couple days. Besides, it helps me get some distance from what I wrote so I can better edit in the coming months. That all being said, I haven't been completely neglecting my novel. On the long drives to and from work I've come up with some exciting new subplots and ideas for the next book. Surprisingly enough I'm planning on writing a trilogy which should be interesting. I think I have enough going on for it to take at least another book, but most likely two so I can properly wrap up the story.

And that's about all my brain can handle right now. Back to fuzzy blankets and TV shows for the rest of the evening. :)
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[personal profile] rhonda_ravenwind 2014-12-06 05:17 am (UTC)(link)
I so feel your pain. Tomorrow my daughter and I plan to sleep 'til noon! Or, heck, one!